• Something To Do: GASTRO GIFTING

    If ever you planned a lazy, beer garden and BBQ Sunday afternoon don't let this Sunday be that day! The folks at Animal Vegetable Mineral have conjured something special to arouse the senses for this years 10th Anniversary Vauxhall Car Boot Fair. Their green Herrick Gallery pick up truck is certainly worth a visit for anyone on the hunt for an alternative gift, or seeking an opportunity to playfully access the world of art and epicurean delights. 

    Inspired by the themes of feasting and decay, the ethereal and the body, the folks at AVM Curiosities & Herrick Gallery will be demonstrating what the love child of Leonardo Da Vinci, Willy Wonka and Ferran Adria might look (and taste) like. They have created 25 edible prints that encourage would-be collectors to engage with art in a way that challenges their perspective on the meaning, purpose and definition of art. Each piece ultimately reflects its own inevitable, transient journey as every print fades within 18 months - should it not be eaten beforehand of course...

    What? Vauxhall Car Boot Fair - 10th Anniversary 

    Where? Brick Lane (entry on the corner of Buxton St & Brick Lane, E1 6QN

    How? Liverpool St/Aldgate East Tubes

    When? Sun Jun 9, 12:00- 18.00

    How Much? £5 entry fee

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