• Something To Indulge In: HEART OF GLACE

    Ice cream was the first meal I ever had; my grandparents had an ice-cream parlour and so their suffocating hugs and their loud, adoring kisses were always accompanied by the sweet taste of simple strawberry, 'vanilla', chocolate or mint and so I continue to seize any chance to have a scoop as an opportunity to slip back to those magical days. 

    These are the London parlours serving up the best gelato in town and where you will find me, lost in a cloud of regression, hypnostised by that chilled taste of love in a cone, recalling the smell of talc, Old Spice and great times: 

    At Scoop in Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden (, Gelupo in Archer St, Soho (, Oddono’s in Bute Street, South Kensington ( or Amorino in Kings Road, Chelsea ( - mine's a Stracciatella!

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