• Something To Eat: The Clove Club


    Quite frankly The Clove Club, at the old Shoreditch Town Hall, knocked our socks off. This a restaurant truly 

    dedication to British craftsmanship; from the Timothy Everest-designed aprons and matching breadbasket cloths, to the baskets themselves made by traditional weavers in Hastings, the dinner knives specially designed by traditional Sheffield knife makers, and the vintage furniture and light fixtures sourced by The Peanut Vendor in Newington Green and we haven't even mentioned the food. 

    All British (Isles) sourced the menu changes daly, you eat what you are served ... and it's delightful.  From the delicate buttermilk chicken and pine salt appetizer (above) to the wild Irish char this was a meal that we hoped would never  end, good going after 8 courses.

    The wine list is evenly spread across all pocket capabilities and the selection is diverse and great value for money (if you're feeling flush the Amarone Classico 2009 will have you lapping the last dribble like a spoilt cat over a saucer of rich cream!). 

    The kitchen is not just open, it’s literally in the room and with everything happening in front of diners’ eyes one feels that they are at the chef's table no matter which table you are seated at.

    A meal here should not be missed and at a set £40 per head excluding drinks there really is no excuse to either.

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