• Something To Drink: Mr. Foggs

    Tucked down a side alley in London's Mayfair is a treasure trove of brick-a-brack that serves a mean cocktail to the sounds of twenties tunes. Mr. Fogg's is a throw back to the days of drawing rooms as the heart of the home and is sure to be a treat for anyone who fancies loosing themselves in a room filled with eye catching Victoriana artefacts and antiques while enjoying a fishbowl sized glass of something wicked.

    The staff are charming, the drinks are stiff, they serve complimentary water and snacks to your table (novel these days!) and the atmosphere truly is as fun as the proprietors had intended it to be. But then again we wouldn't expect any less less from the duo who brought us Bunga Bunga & Maggie's (the Berlusconi themed bar and Margert Thatcher themed club respectively).

    This is the perfect spot for a first or mid-week date, a place where you wont feel out of place being quirkily over dressed but you may leave feeling distinctly under watered with drinks costing around £15 a pop.

    The details:

    Address: 15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD

    Opening Hours: 5pm - 1am Mon- Sat

    Transport: Green Park Tube


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