About Us

Sick-Note was born over a glass of Steigel and some heavy techno music in a smoky bar in the back streets of Vienna many moons ago but what started as simple idea for medical convenience quickly expanded into a more modern and relevant service based on people being bored with the current gift delivery offering. 

We didn’t want to believe that sending generic cards or flowers, without thought or purpose, could be the only way to say “thinking of you” for the many and varied ailments of today’s world, so we got talking …. we spoke with our sick friends, our fit friends, our tall friends, our short friends, our organic friends, our fast food friends, our hung-over friends, our newly heartbroken and recently loved up friends, our ex-pat friends and our newly expecting friends (thank you all!) and realised that the world, or at least London, needed Sick-Note.

So Daniela quit her job in fashion to bring the vision to life and Jo continued to burn the candle at both ends balancing brand development with brainstorming and after months of product searching and testing, focus group gatherings, please help and thank you letters, Sick-Note was born – we hope you love sending one just as much as you’ll love receiving one!

Daniela Magliocco Sick-Note Founder